Business goal examples in OKR management

Both goals and objectives contribute to the success of the the business. They clarify the purpose of the business and help identify necessary actions. Goals are general statements of desired achievement, while objectives are specific steps or actions you take to reach your goal. Both goals and objectives should be specific and measurable. Business goals can involve areas such as profitability, growth and customer service with a range of objectives that can help you meet those goals. I'm going to give you some business OKR examples.

Business profitability objectives
One of the most common business goals is to run a profitable operation. This usually means increasing revenue and limiting expenses. Example OKRs to achieve this goal:

Objective: Increase recurring revenue

  • Key Result: Sign 10 new accounts
  • Key Result: Increase quarterly sales by 20%
  • Key Result: Reduce customer churn by 15%

Objective: Limit business expenses

  • Key Result: Find a new office space that decreases monthly expenses by $1K
  • Key Result: Reduce utility bills by 10%

Employee retention objectives
Here, your overall goal could be to improve employee retention. To make the goal specific you could measure the current turnover rate. To help you improve the turn over rate, you could set the following objective:

Objective: Improve employee retention

  • Key Result: Implement employee training program
  • Key Result: Create growth ladder for all departments
  • Key Result: Reduce turn over rate by 5%

Growth of the business
Perhaps your goal is to grow your business operation. If you run a software business, your goal might be to drive more user to your site. You could set an measurable objective to help you achieve this goal.

Objective: Improve brand presence

  • Key Result: Get 5 earned placements in mainstream media
  • Key Result: Grow social media following by 100%

Customer service objectives
Customer service goals could include reducing complaints by 50 percent over one year or to improve resolution times to customer complaints to a minimum of one business day. Here are some OKRs that might help you achieve those goals:

Objective: Research and improve customer satisfaction

  • Key Result: Conduct 50 phone interviews with top customers
  • Key Result: Conduct 15 phone interviews with recently churned customers
  • Key Result: Come up with 10 action items to improve customer satisfaction