5 ways to use Simple OKR

5 ways to use Simple OKR

Hello everyone! I thought I'd share a few ways you can use Simple OKR at your company.

  1. Share goals with the entire company
    At its core, Simple OKR is a goal management product. You can use it to capture team, company, and individual goals. These goals are instantly available to everyone at the company.

  2. Understand how well the company is doing
    All our goals are measurable and have metrics attached to them. People leading the goals can update these metrics to reflect their status and progress. It's not only easy to understand how well individual goals are doing, but also the performance of the entire company.

  3. Use To-Dos to help you hit your goals
    To-Dos is a great way for you to break down larger goals into smaller lists of tasks. Use To-Dos to create a sense of accomplishment and celebrate small but meaningful successes.

  4. Learn from the past to make the future better
    Simple OKR also offers a way for you to capture OKR cycle retrospectives. At the end of your quarter, allocate some time for your teams to capture what went good and bad in the OKR cycle. Use these notes as a way to reflect on the past when planning next quarter.

  5. Get reminded of what's important
    OKRs serve as a guide for what's the most important to the company, the teams, and every individual. Use Simple OKR to get reminded what really matters to your company, your team, and every employee now, not next year.